Betta Diseases,Their Cures and Pictures Complete Details

Since Betta diseases are can rarely be diagnosed but if they are diagnosed. They should immediately be cured.Betta fish is most liked breed out of all fish breeds. These diseases may be for a long term or short term.

Carelessness in the cure may cause a long-term disease of betta. Since it is hard to diagnose, but there are some symptoms.

1 Betta Diseases Symptoms:

  • Less Appetite.
  • Surface based Air Suctions.
  • Internal issues may be recognized by white fecal.
  • Signs of Parasites can be identified by rubbing against the wall of Tanks and Plants.
  • Less Shiny Surface


Betta Fish Diseases and Pictures


Betta Diseases

Betta Fish with Fungal Disease:

Betta fish also may suffer from the fungal disease. The red fins can recognize it.


Betta Diseases Fungal

2 Betta Diseases:

  • Swim Bladder Disorder
  • Tail | Fin Rot
  • Dropsy
  • Ich

2.1 Swim Bladder Disorder:

Symptoms of Swim Bladder Disorder disease are:

  • No fish droppings in the tank.
  • Bloated underbelly.

It is maybe due to overfeeding.

Swim Bladder Disorder in Betta Fish

2.2 Tail | Fin Rot:

The Fin Rot also known as Tail Rot is a bacterial disease and due to bacteria in the water tank.

Tail Fin Rot in Betta Fish

2.3 Dropsy:

Bacteria stick themselves to the skin of the Fish, and they cause the Dropsy. It is caused due to poor quality water and old water.The best solution immediately is to change the water quarter of the tank.

Dropsy Betta Fish disease

2.4 Ich:

Small white spots on betta Fish can be due to Ichthyophthirius.Ich is the disease which affects the immune system of the Betta Fish.

Betta Fish With Ichthyophthirius

3 Cures:

3.1 Increase the Temperature of the Water Tank:

Since they are heat sensitive so By increasing the temperature of the water tank, we can also cure the betta fish.

Fish Water Tanks

3.2 Add some salt to the water:

Salt is also used for the cure of betta fish.


3.3 Copper Sulfate Can Be Used As An Antiseptic:

Copper sulfate is used for tanks and bowls as an antiseptic.


3.4 Malachite Green is Used to Cure Protozoan Infections: